Portuguese Partridge

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Meadow Game and Iberian Game have joined forces. This is exciting news if you are looking for disease-free, premium partridges.

If you know Meadow Game well you can understand the collaboration between ourselves and our Portuguese colleagues was inevitable – excellent hygiene and biosecurity are the foundations upon which we have both built our stellar reputations.

Iberian Game and their partner Caçabrava (a Portuguese game farm established in 1947) have built their success upon supplying quality partridges to top sporting estates throughout Europe and the USA and have become the most respected producer of native red-leg partridges on the Iberian Peninsula.

Their production of in excess of five hundred thousand partridge eggs a year is a testament to this.
The day-old chicks hatched by Meadow Game will be available for the 2019 season.

We suggest you place your order early so that you receive your quality birds exactly when you require them.

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Our success has lead to further expansion to our breeding stock in 2017 and we now produce in excess of five hundred thousand Partridge eggs each year.Iberian Game joined Cacabrava in 2016 to form a collaborative partnership exporting game eggs to the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland and the USA.

Today, the Portuguese government requires “Genotype” approval. Once approved all breeding stock are tagged on the wing. Caçabrava has only the species of Alectoris rufa.

The initial founding Partridge stock came from a native population, found in natural parks in Portugal; A.rufa id recognised in the Iberian Peninsula for its genetic quality and ease of rearing. Caçabrava birds are impossible to distinguish from the original wild birds found in Portugal.

Caçabrava holds all the data, including DNA, from all its breeding pairs. The Portuguese government checks and regulates this information to ensure the genetic heritage is maintained.